About us

Since 1947 in Hamamatsu

At the beginning, Kushitani was a leather product shop in a small town. As its rapid growth of industries of motorcycle in Hamamatsu, Kushitani has located, we started to make the leather suits for motorcycle.

At that time, there were no one-piece-leather suits for motorcycle in Japan. Of course, it was a first challenge for Kushitani. Otherwise our leather suits were rated high from many racing riders. At first, we just wanted to cooperate with the native industries, but our simple desire that "we want to make customers happy with our better products" went well in the manufacture of leather suits.

After that, Kushitani has walked mainly as a motorcycle wear manufacture and sales. Kushitani has grown up together with the boom of Japanese motorcycle industries. Quality of the products more and more improved as we received the riders' voice, "How amazing the products of Kushitani! We would like to continue to choose."

High Quarity Riding Equipment

Employees of Kushitani didn't be satisfied with those praise and made effort to improve quality. When taking any requests from riders, we searched for solutions and consider how to make the more safety and comfortable products by continuous efforts. "We would like to see riders' happy faces with better products." "provide safety equipment as much as possible which can make riders to be able to compete for the fastest speed or technic." They were wish of all of us including founder.

Add to leather suits for racing riders, we have started to manufacture motorcycle wear for the general rides, who ride public road. There are no differences of professional riders and general riders that both safety and comfort are important. Not only manufacturing, we also support construction and infiltration of motorcycle culture that if the motorcycle recognized only as one of the industries and not a culture, our desire will never expand. Despite of the changes of times or circumstances, our desire "we want to make customers happy with our better products" is just as Kushitani was established. We are going to carry out many activities include new challenges while inheriting the simple and strong desire from the foundation.


We produce also the general merchandise besides products for motorcycle to create the life with motorcycle--which make us feel extraordinary--as a culture.

Daily Leather Goods

Create the item using our leather which developed for road race. They must be blissful article due to high quality leather as its water repellency and unbreakability if you fall with 300km/h. KUSHITANI original products


Collaboration models of Kushitani and GUILD DESIGN, which professional of shaving aluminum and making motorcycle parts for custom like swing arm, frame and so on. You can find one of the technologies that Japanese manufacturing are good at.


Shinichiro Arakawa is a fashion designer who has worked in Paris collection and a founder of his brand “SHINICHIRO ARAKAWA”. His creation is not just for riding, but much stylish for daily use. Please enjoy our collaboration and feel fashionable and luxury world of him.


Craft Armadillo Inc. is one of the leading companies of Japan with metal working method. Especially exhaust silencer, their beautiful welded titanium is loved all over the world. We focused on their titanium of its beautiful welding, unique colors and lightness and use them for goods of café goods.


Focused on “drinking”, Rivers started. They gives their drinkware concept that “brings a pretty happiness to every moment” like when you drink a glass of water for waking up refreshed, or a cup of coffee for a change, to make every day comfortable.


Sabae, where our original sunglasses are made, known for nature, traditional culture, manufacturing and “glasses town”. We provide titanium sunglasses which lightly, strong and difficult to occur allergy for the first time in the world. To create it, it needs many time and effort to shave acetate by each.


Kushitani creates a motorcycle wear for more than 70 years. We provide safety equipment widely for road race, touring and urban use. Not only for motorcycle but our fashionable wear also suits your daily life.



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